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I've seen Dr. Bergman twice for root canals, the last and final time for one root that failed. He isn't holistic at all and kept wanting to put a metal filling in my root canals, which I refused. I was clear with him that I only wanted bio-identical composite fillings in them, and had driven two hours to a dentist who could provide them for me. When he had to redo one of the two root canals, he put in a composite filling that is not bio-identical and I had a tiff with him during the middle of the process.

His attitude was so dominating and disregarding that I felt overpowered. I wondered if this is his typical way of treating female clients, and I thought of my friends who report being raped by dentists.

Both times I found him to be very deficient in customer service skills. I had numerous power struggles with him related to parts of my treatments because he refused to give me critical information and give me choices when there were opportunities, and generally disregarded my preferences and feedback. When I confronted him about his poor "chair side manner," he said he'd rather be my dentist than my friend. It's obvious he can't do both.

Look elsewhere for an endodontist.


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This negative reviewer sounds like a feminist ranter. There are some people who just can't be happy, no matter what.

Comparing her experience to a rape? Talk about self-created drama....

I was referred to Dr. Bergman by my dentist.

I had never had any serious dental work done before and I was pretty apprehensive. The staff was great, he was friendly, professional and patient. I'd highly recommend his practice!

I would venture to guess this woman has issues with lots of people, not just her endodontist. Sounds like she thinks she knows more than the professionals.

She had the option of walking out if she was unhappy. She should have done them all the favor.


My husband had a root canal last year. It was not his first but by far his best experience.

I went with him & sat in room while they worked.

Dr Bergmann & his staff were friendly, professional and I would highly recommend him. I agree with previous review- your comments are inflammatory & clearly inappropriate.


When I lived in Asheville Dr, Bergman was recommended by a dentist that I trust. Based on my experience, 2 root canals, i recommend Dr.

Bergman without reservation. He is competent, professional and painless. I know several other patients, including 2 physicians, who agree with my assessment.

The female members of his staff all appear to be happily employed by Dr.


I in fact got know the receptionist, who was a neighbor and she speaks highly of him as an employer. "Asheville Gals" incendiary comment about her powerlessness and dentists raping female patients suggests to me she needs help form a medical professional other than a dentist.


While I think Dr Bergman and his staff are kind and friendly; I have had 3 failed root canal treatments, all on different teeth. Currently am being treated for a re-do which will make 4 failed treatments. This is not acceptable or common by any standard.

Asheville, North Carolina, United States #971273

I have seen Dr. Bergman over the last 4-5 years and I am grateful to his staff for the way I am treated.

Dr. Bergman has been thorough, flexible and above all else, he has been available when I was in a great deal of pain. I recommend Dr. Bergman wherever and whenever I can.

Thanks again to Dr. Bergman and his staff, Tate


This is the BEST experience I have ever had with a dentist. You are clearly insane.


I had a root canal completed by Dr. Bergman and his team.

I found them to be professional, informative, and caring. The above review is inflammatory and absurd.

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